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 Yoga Styles that that Inspiration me

Mobility Yoga- Frequently taught

This class focuses on increasing the body’s functional mobility while building a better mindset to view the world.  My weekly and monthly classes adds to your journey to help you increase your mobility goals.  I bring different yoga styles and approached to strengthen, stretch, and expand you mobility toolbox. These classes are rated for All-Level with optional cues and suggestions if you want to explore your edge. 


One of my favorites, its aimed at restoring your energy and allowing you walk away renewed. This class is heavy on props such as use bolsters, blankets, and blocks to allow gravity to do all the work while providing the benefits of a pose.



A class filled with body cues using ancient sequence. Recommended for all level of practitioners and those who want traditional sequence


I was trained under this style of yoga with an emphasis on alignment.  I highly recommend my yoga mat alignment to dial you practice for this class, your body will experience something new.  This practice translates "to place in a special way," referring—in hatha yoga—to a sequence of poses. Vinyasa classes are known for their fluid, movement-intensive practices. Based on the request, this class can be intense with warrior on magic carpet (it works the core) and super hero to bananas.    


 This is a A Mix of Restorative and Vinyasa, this class focuses on connecting movement to breath. 

Ocean Yoga

My love for the ocean and sea creatures are transformed into this fun story telling yoga class.  

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