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Written by Cheryl Conklin

Reach the Next Level in Your Yoga Practice With These Tips


​Nowadays, yoga is all over the place - on TV, on the internet, in the movies, and so on. Studies, classes, and courses worldwide offer a plethora of teachings and practices, from the more traditional to creative combinations and “futuristic” fusions.

Take Your Yoga Journey to Another Level


When we consider taking our yoga practice “to the next level,” it usually evokes images of more complicated stretches, deeper poses, and more extended practice. That said, everyone gets to a point where they feel their yoga practice has reached a highland that can nibble on their motivation levels. Fortunately, there are many little steps you can make to take your practice to the next level.

Make Use of Class Instructions


​Learning from a skilled yoga teacher is extremely important for your yoga practice. A good teacher can show you the basics of the asanas, from fundamental forms to little changes that can help you get the most of each pose. A well-trained yoga instructor can also teach you the benefits of each pose and order them efficiently to attain specific goals. With their guidance, you can progress to advanced postures, and they can also inspire you with their encouragement and insights.


​A class offers a wide range of benefits, even if you're training at home. If you're not participating in classes in-person, you can always use an app on your smartphone to keep up with your yoga routine. It is also important to set intentions or goals for your yoga practice, which you can track via the app. This way, you'll stay motivated and reach your weekly or monthly goals in no time.


If you’re in the Colorado Springs area, be sure to check out classes with YogiJo Sadhana. Current classes focus on vinyasa, myofascial release, and flows, and all levels are welcome.

Create the Ideal Environment


Practicing yoga at home offers flexibility concerning time and postures. You're in the driver's seat, which helps you better the experience — if you've got parts of your body that require more attention, you can focus whenever you want. You get to customize your practice to meet specific needs, including eliminating stress or emotional overwhelm, and in doing this, you support self-awareness.


Ensure that the space where you practice yoga is as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be. Ideally, make sure your home is clean of clutter, which can subconsciously make your mind feel hectic and produce negative emotions and thoughts. An excellent idea is to organize the items in the house and let in fresh air to boost positivity and bring about good energy during your yoga practice.

Include Various Tools


As with any sport, yoga can be challenging for beginners. However, there's no need to go overboard and spend lots of money on something that may or may not work for you. An essential tool would be a yoga mat, which keeps you safe and comfortable. You can also consider using a yoga towel or blankets that can be rolled or folded - they are often used as support in certain poses and also help eliminate bacteria from your sweat. Other tools and equipment include yoga belts, bolsters, yoga balls for more advanced practice, and blocks.

Check In at the End


You know that comparing your state or form to everyone else you see practicing yoga, isn't a fair use of your mental energy and time. Keep your mind on your practice and your attitude positive, focusing on your potential and your breath. It doesn't matter how long you immerse into the activity, especially when you're just starting on the journey. Allow yourself to practice yoga for even seven minutes a day and stop judging where you are in your journey. Everyone has it differently.


At the end of the practice, take a few minutes to pause and observe the exercise's effect on your overall state. Note the breath quality and whether or not it helped you reach that energetic shift you're after.

Hop to the Next Level


A personal yoga practice might be the piece of the puzzle that can reveal the full spectrum of gifts the activity has to offer you. When reaching a plateau in your yoga journey, you can always head to a new level by using useful equipment and focusing on your potential.