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Cozy Winter

Written by: Julie Morris

Get Inspired During a Midlife Crisis by Following These 4 Strategies 


Looking for inspiration to regain your confidence as you navigate midlife? If you’re anxious or depressed, your career is stagnating, or you feel like time is slipping through your fingers, here are four ideas to restore your lust for life:


Start a New Career


When you’re going through a midlife crisis, you may be feeling stuck in your current job and in need of a bigger challenge. But when you’re raising a family or taking care of aging parents, and you have bills to pay every month, you may think going after a better position, or switching fields entirely is completely out of your reach. However, one thing to consider is taking classes online: this is a good direction to help you gain the skills and credentials you need to pursue your dream career. So whether you’re drawn to a position in early childhood education, or you’ve always wanted to become a K-12 teacher, you can earn a bachelor’s education degree without giving up your current job and your paycheck. You’ll be able to study around your family’s schedule and start planning your new career. Before you enroll, make sure the online school you pick is accredited and offers affordable tuition rates.    


Plant a Garden


Gardening has been proven to be an effective stress and anxiety buster for people of all ages. The physical activity it provides adds to the benefits of spending time outdoors and in the sunshine, which are second to none when it comes to boosting your morale. So if you’re in the midst of experiencing a midlife crisis, try your hands at this popular pastime. If you don’t have a garden of your own in which to plant your crops, look for a community garden you can join: you’ll get to make new friends, which can also improve your outlook on life. When you’re ready to play in the dirt, for expert advice on how to get started! Growing and nurturing plants will lead to a feeling of accomplishment that will make you feel better about yourself.


Practice Yoga


Midlife is a time when many of us feel overwhelmed by the myriad of tasks we have to tend to, bored with our day-to-day activities, and when we start questioning the purpose of our existence. One of the best techniques to survive this crisis and thrive is to take up a new hobby. And if you want to find one that will do wonders for your mind, your spirit, and your body, yoga should be at the top of your list. Not only will you be stretching your muscles and releasing stress in your body, but you’ll also increase mindfulness through breathing exercises and meditation to relax your mind. So look for a yoga studio or instructor to guide your practice, and start reaping the benefits of this ancient discipline.     


Restore Your Confidence


If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, you may start losing confidence in yourself and thinking you’re just too old to enjoy certain activities. So strive to remind yourself of your skills, talents, and capabilities, and have faith and confidence in what you can still accomplish. Try something you’ve never done before: challenge yourself to a 5k run for a good cause, or learn a musical instrument you’ve always wanted to play. Go to the salon and get a fresh haircut, or try on new outfits in styles and colors you don’t have in your wardrobe. Reach out to a friend and plan a fun outing, or whisk your partner away to a weekend retreat where you can leave your worries behind for a while and come home rejuvenated.   


Don’t let midlife bring you down. Take up gardening, learn some yoga moves, revive your relationships or start on a new career path. There are so many ways you can regain faith and confidence in yourself!


Gain physical, spiritual, and mental strength, and learn to be in the moment with in a fun, positive, and inspirational environment.  

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